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Byways, for the website

Our waypoint log is like a guest book for the Byways series. Comment below to be added! All we need are a few details to help us create a stamp for the place you’re from.  1) A name: this could be your first name, initials, family name, your school’s name, or your teacher’s name if a whole class is sending greetings. 2) Home state, and if you want to get more specific, your hometown & zip code. 3) Something your area is famous for. 4) Maybe a short message: no more than six words. 5) If you’re cheering on one brother in particular, let us know!

three seals, brown

 Recent Visitors:

stamp-NE, Omaha4stamp-NE, Omaha3stamp-MI, Grand Rapids2bstamp-TX, San Antonio.svgstamp-PA, Lititzstamp-CA, San Diego2stamp-TX, Gonzalesstamp-ID, Boisestamp-NY, New Yorkstamp-NSW, Armidalestamp-CA, Contra Costastamp-label04x400stamp-PA, Butlerstamp-VA, Lynchburgstamp-MN, Scandiastamp-MI, Michigandersstamp-CA, San Diego

Once we reach our limit (36), older stamps will be archived on CJ’s
WAYPOINT LOG board over on Pinterest >>
[You can see the stamps at full size over there, too!]

65 thoughts on “Waypoint Log

  1. Hehe, now I see why you said there would be 50 of these. :)

    No-one will be passing through *my* native state, though… I live a long way from Liberty.

    This may call for fanfic.


    1. I forgot how short these books were. I’m through the four Byways books already. :)

      And my vote goes to Ewan. I was thinking anyway that, with one vote for each of his brothers, he should get the next one :D, but I do in fact like him best of the three.

      Ganix is a good kid as well. Zane could do with a few good slaps upside the head IMO :) but it looks as if Bree and destiny will deal with that. And as noted, I don’t think Jovan would be so fond of him if he had no traits worth being fond of.

      (I’m still barracking for Ewan though.)


      1. A *little* longer, yes. :D

        Now that I’ve read them for fun, I’ll read them again for proofreading purposes. I don’t see why I should be the only one suffering! :D

        Seriously, though, it needs doing and I’m going to do it. You’ll be hearing from me soooon….


      1. Okay! :)

        1) Arian
        2) Armidale, NSW
        3) It snows in the winter time The real winter time, from June to August.
        4) “It’s not the latitude; it’s the altitude.”
        5) Ewan :)


  2. Can I stamp in, too?

    Name: Elza
    Home State: San Diego, California
    Something Famous: The motto “The Noblest Motive is the Public Good”, which is on the official seal of San Diego County.


  3. 1. Esther
    2. Lititz, Pennsylvania
    3. Pretzels and Chocolate
    4. Can Spring be Far Behind?

    And I’m cheering on Ewan!


    1. Oh, of course! Help us design something that suits you by choosing a different thing your hometown is known for … or by cheering on a different brother … or mentioning a favorite color. : )


  4. I already finished all the books! waiting for 7 8 9!


    2. Grand Rapids, Michigan,

    3. swamp plus lake

    4. In the first few books I liked Ewan, but now I’m leaning toward Zane


  5. Hi Mrs. Milbrandt! Thanks so much! I love it! ( And it’s even purple! You remembered! :-D)
    Josh, my brother, wants a stamp to. Would that be okay? And his favorite color is red, he said. Thanks again! – Jaidyn


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