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01 On Your Marks 600I’m happy to announce that Byways Book 1: On Your Marks is now listed on YA Books Central, a site that features both kids’ stories and books for young adults. This is a great place to browse for books, and you can rate and review stories.

On Your Marks is also listed on GoodReads, so don’t hesitate to add this series starter to your virtual bookshelf. Help spread the word that there’s a race on!  CJ

Harrow 220 tallJust a quick note to let you know that Galleries of Stone, Book 2: Harrow is now listed alongside Meadowsweet on YA Books Central. If you’ve read and enjoyed this second book in the trilogy, I would greatly appreciate your support. Taking the time to read, rate, and review each of my stories is quite possibly the best way you can help me out.

You can also find Harrow on GoodReads. Have you added it to your virtual bookshelf yet? Now’s your chance!

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Galleries of Stone, Book 1: Meadowsweet is now listed on YA Books Central, a site that caters specifically to lovers of young adult fiction. It’s a little like GoodReads, in that you can rate, review, and recommend books to other site members. If you’re enjoying my trilogy, this is another place to let folks know. Thank you for helping introduce Tupper and Freydolf to new readers everywhere. ♥

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