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BYWAYS: September Sale [Up the Mountain]

Up the Mountain A

Best for Last. (Well, that’d be Ganix’s opinion.) Today’s the final day to catch a free e-book in my September Sale. You’re invited to add Byways Book #4, Up the Mountain: A Ganix Johns Adventure to your virtual bookshelves. Mountains and mischief, grits and griffins! Continue reading BYWAYS: September Sale [Up the Mountain]

FREE DAYS: Up the Mountain [Byways #4]

Up the Mountain A

Free Day! Just a quick note to let you know that one of the Byways e-books is currently FREE! This series tells the stories of three brothers who take sibling rivalry to new lengths by racing each other across their homeland. Geared for young readers, the books are full of the sorts of things I enjoy: mythical creatures, quirky folks, kind deeds, loyal friends, and a touch of magic. If you homeschool (like we do), you’ll also appreciate the educational twist. Each book is tied to a state, and I make a game of weaving people, places, icons, and claims to fame from that state throughout the story.

Today, you can nab Byways Book #4, which is tied to the fourth state to be ratified—Georgia! Continue reading FREE DAYS: Up the Mountain [Byways #4]

SALE: Ewan’s Second Adventure!

Inside the Tree, header

Anniversary Sale! The special deals continue with today’s special price on Byways Book #5, Inside the Tree: A Ewan Johns Adventure. For one week, this title will be a Kindle Countdown Deal, which means the sooner you buy, the lower the price. If you go over to Amazon and take a look, you’ll find a ticker counting down the seconds to the next price jump. Right now, you can get this new release for only $1.99 (regularly priced $4.99).


This year’s anniversary deals will allow you to really get to know Ewan, the eldest of the Johns brothers. Is it okay to skip from Book #2 all the way to Book #5 in a series? Yep! I release the books in batches of three, one for each brother, so you’ll simply be “playing favorites” by following Ewan’s course.

SALE Ewan's Titles