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Frequently Asked Questions
Post 001 answers: Why are you publishing under a penname? | Will I be able to buy print books? | Did I hear you say that the books will be illustrated? | Will there be more to the series? | Is Galleries of Stone the only stuff you’ll publish as C. J. Milbrandt?
Byways, Three Ways answers: Why are you releasing three books at once?

Events & Conferences
San Diego Public Library’s 48th Annual Local Author Exhibit, 01.31.14 [link]
San Diego Christian Writer’s Guild, Spring Brunch, 04.11.14
Elim Ladies Book Club, Author Talk, Scandia, MN, 06.04.14
Scandia-Marine Lions Club Breakfast, 06.12.14
SDCWG “Write for Life” Fall Conference, 10.25.14

Author Snapshots
San Diego Local Author Exhibit, 01.31.14 [link]

H47 Bouquet

Index for Galleries of Stone

Book Covers | Art by Hannah Christenson
Book 1: Meadowsweet
Book 2: Harrow
Book 3: Rakefang
Peaceful Wolf

Races & Places
Flox & Pred | Grif
Home Continent | Far Continent | First Continent | Last Continent

The Meadowsweet Family | Rimbles | Haimish | Torio Kite |

Anecdotes, Thumbnails, Sketches, and Lines
Chit-Chat: Birthday Traditions, in which the author adopts a Pred custom

Art for Galleries of Stone, Book 1: Meadowsweet
Preview 001 features: spot illustrations from Meadowsweet
Post 001 features: Aurelius, Tupper Makes a Friend, and Brand, all by Dana Guerrieri
Post 002 features: A New Servant & The Dragon Sculptor by Ismael Bergara, Brothers-in-Law by Anna Earley, and Freydolf by Dana Guerrieri
Post 003 features: Tupper by Avionetca, Tupper by potatopou, Tupper sketch by Lumaris, and Tupper Makes a Friend by Dana Guerrieri
Post 004 features: Aurelius by Dana Guerrieri, Brothers-in-Law by Anna Earley, The Balcony by raka, and Aurelius Hunting by AmyTaluuri

Art for Galleries of Stone, Book 2: Harrow
Preview 002 features: line art for Harrow‘s book cover
Preview 003 features: spot illustrations from Harrow
Chit-Chat: Trunks featuring spot illustrations for Harrow
Countdown: Harrow features an excerpt and spot illustration from Harrow
Freydolf & Tupper features art by WhiteFoxCub
A Moment’s Repose features Tupper & Rimbles, art by Anna Earley

Art for Galleries of Stone, Book 3: Rakefang

Art for Deuce, a Galleries of Stone prequel
Hey You: Fanart of Aurelius and Ulrica by Skylee

03 Mail Bag

Index for Byways

Book Covers | Art by Hannah Christenson
Series Header | Book 1: On Your Marks | Book 2: Aboard the Train | Book 3: Over the Bridge | Book 4: Up the Mountain |

Races & Places
Liberty  |  Ewan’s Course  |  Zane’s Course  | Ganix’s Course

Ganix the Scamp | Ewan the Eldest | Zane the Rebel | Ian Johns | Vanek Johns | Laurel Johns | Jovan Johns | Ewan’s Team | Zane’s Team | Brielle Trenton | Ganix’s Team


Anecdotes, Thumbnails, Sketches, and Lines
Preview 004 features: sketches for spot illustrations in On Your Marks (Book #1)
Chit-Chat: The Byways Header explains my inspiration for the series header
Byways: Sketches features: thumbnail and lines for the cover of Aboard the Train (Book #2)
Byways: Sketches features: interior sketches and lines for the cover of Over the Bridge (Book #3)
Byways: Rangers features: sketches for spot illustrations in Up the Mountain (Book #4)
Chit-Chat: Byways Bookmarks shows off the swag I have for school & library visits, featuring Jovan in “Fairy Kestrels” by Katie Hofgard

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