Galleries of Stone


Deuce | serialized here on my blog: story index
■ Aurelius meets Ulrica during the summer hunt when thirteen-year-old Pred are first permitted to vie for piercing

She kept him at daggerpoint; he kept her guessing.

Galleries of Stone_Deuce by C. J. MilbrandtA single misstep during a test of skill could have cost Ulrica Rakefang all her highborn pride. Instead, it lands her at the mercy of a boy who’s savvy enough to turn events to his advantage. But Aurelius Harrow’s ambitions fall prey to Ulrica’s vicious wit and girlish whims. Playful rivalry gives way to an exhilarating alliance. Formal hunts. Lavish dances. Rebellious affection. The audacious merchant’s son gladly courts danger in order to keep his childhood promise … and claim his prize.

Meadowsweet | available:  Amazon
■ the first book in the Galleries of Stone trilogy, in which 10-year-old Tupper Meadowsweet is hired by the gray mountain’s Keeper
ISBN (e-book): 978-1-63123-000-4
ISBN (paperback): 978-1-63123-029-5

When the gray mountain’s Keeper hires a new
servant, everything changes. For both of them.

Meadowsweet 220 tallMeadowsweet introduces a world where magical mountains are entrusted to master sculptors like Freydolf. Necessity drives this recluse from the Statuary to search for a new servant. The villagers thereabouts fear him—with good reason—but when people are poor and homes are crowded, all it takes is a handful of coins to loosen family ties. Tupper Meadowsweet isn’t the cleverest child, but he’s brave enough to follow Freydolf onto the gray mountain, whose galleries hold wonders that introduce Tupper to faraway lands, diverse races, unique customs, long histories … and danger.

Harrow | available:  Amazon
■ the second book in the Galleries of Stone trilogy, set two years after the events of Meadowsweet
ISBN (e-book): 978-1-63123-001-1
ISBN (paperback): 978-1-63123-033-2

Every spring, Aurelius Harrow returns to
the Statuary with tales from his travels.
This year, he brings back more than rumors.

Harrow 220 tallHarrow continues the story of Freydolf, magical master sculptor, and his young servant. For two years, Tupper Meadowsweet has kept his promise to be brave and do his best. But during the spring when he turns thirteen, Aurelius Harrow returns to the Statuary with something other than blocks of magical stone and gossipy tidbits. Master Freydolf will rely on Tupper more than ever as they spend a season dealing with runaways, star-crossed lovers, skittish villagers, and rumors of a thirteenth magical mountain. But the greatest mystery of all may be Tupper himself, for the boy’s affinity for stone defies explanation.

Rakefang | available:  Amazon
■ the third book in the Galleries of Stone trilogy, in which sixteen-year-old Tupper Meadowsweet finds a girl brave enough
ISBN (e-book): 978-1-63123-012-7
ISBN (paperback): 978-1-63123-037-0

After years of searching for someone brave enough,
Tupper Meadowsweet finds her at Pennyflax & Quince.

Galleries of Stone 03_Rakefang by CJMilbrandtRakefang finds Tupper Meadowsweet a young man by Flox reckoning, but he no longer fits in with his own people. Wild hair, stealthy grace, and foreign fashions make it obvious that he’s lived with Pred since boyhood. For three years, he’s been on the lookout for someone brave enough to follow him onto the legendary Moonlit Mountain. The last place he expected to find her was at Pennyflax & Quince. Meanwhile, Master Freydolf faces the challenge of shaping his masterpiece while the Statuary’s close-knit community deals with new additions, cross-cultural courting traditions, magical meddling, mixed ancestry, and kidnapping.

Upcoming Titles

Peaceful Wolf  | coming in 2016
■ a short story detailing the events surrounding Freydolf’s banishment

Journeymen of Stone trilogy | not yet scheduled
■ three more full-length novels about the Meadowsweets & Harrows

Legends of the Twelve Mountains | not yet scheduled
■ a series of short stories & novellas, one for each of the magical mountains

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