Serial. Deuce is an example of serial storytelling, which means the tale is told in installments. I’ll post a new chapter each Friday. Readers of my Galleries of Stone trilogy will understand why the unfolding story has romantic leanings, but I’ll be honest: the flutters are a ways off. At the beginning, Aurelius and Ulrica are little more than children, eager to prove themselves in a culture where fangs are sharp, claws are ready, and trust is rare.
Rating. My stories are family-friendly. Deuce is suitable for tween/teen readers [PG].
Updates. Fridays. (Intermittent.)

Aurelius’s eyebrows rose. “Aren’t you a little young to be stalking potentials?”
“How old were you when you found Ulrica?”
Tupper quietly pointed out, “I’m thirteen.”
“So you are,” Aurelius conceded. “It seems deucedly young from this side of things.”

—excerpted from Galleries of Stone, Book 2: Harrow

“Two hunters. One hunt.”

Galleries of Stone_Deuce by C. J. Milbrandt

Story Summary: A single misstep during a test of skill could have cost Ulrica Rakefang all her highborn pride. Instead, it lands her at the mercy of a boy who’s savvy enough to turn events to his advantage. But Aurelius Harrow’s ambitions fall prey to Ulrica’s vicious wit and girlish whims. Playful rivalry gives way to an exhilarating alliance. Formal hunts. Lavish dances. Rebellious affection. The audacious merchant’s son gladly courts danger in order to keep his childhood promise … and claim his prize.

Useful Information: Pred Culture

Story Index


01/09 | Chapter 1: Pit, Fall
01/16 | Chapter 2: Advantage, Disadvantage
01/23 | Chapter 3: Feat, Footing
01/30 | Chapter 4: Seasons, Reasons
02/06 | Chapter 5: Hoof, Paw
02/13 | Chapter 6: Lead, Follow
02/20 | Chapter 7: Guard, Guide
02/27 | Chapter 8: Food, Shelter
03/20 | Chapter 9: Star, Stir
03/27 | Chapter 10: Wave, Wake
04/03 | Chapter 11: Mush, Hush
04/10 | Chapter 12: Press, Impress
04/17 | Chapter 13: Pred, Prey
04/24 | Chapter 14: Blade, Blood
05/01 | Chapter 15: Rite, Ritual
06/20 | Chapter 16: Bitter, Better
06/26 | Chapter 17: Sister, Brother
07/11 | Chapter 18: Shrewd, Shrew
08/07 | Chapter 19: Persimmon, Pearls
08/14 | Chapter 20: Hill, Thrill
09/05 | Chapter 21: Mucking, Moping
10/02 | Chapter 22: Honor, Honesty


03/04 | Chapter 23: Dip, Drip

© Copyright 2015–2016, C. J. Milbrandt, all rights reserved

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