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Deuce, Chapter 13: Pred, Prey

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13 Pred, Prey

Aurelius was re-knotting his hair when the soft jingle of bells announced Ulrica’s approach. There was no doubt she was doing it on purpose. She’d run for leagues and scaled trees without so much as a ping. Given the needs of the day, Aurelius was relieved by the tiny peals. They were proof of peace, and that was progress. Continue reading Deuce, Chapter 13: Pred, Prey

Deuce, Chapter 11: Mush, Hush

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Mush, Hush

Although both children waited for Vanora to attack, no other stone guardians approached their hiding place. Ulrica tugged Aurelius and pressed his head to her shoulder. “Sleep,” she demanded. “Or you’ll be worse than useless tomorrow.”

“Aye.” After a lengthy pause, he said, “A few hours will be enough. I’ll take the dawn watch.” Continue reading Deuce, Chapter 11: Mush, Hush

Deuce, Chapter 10: Wave, Wake

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Wave, Wake

When Aurelius pulled Ulrica’s hand away from his mouth, she whispered, “Stay quiet.”

“But I know her.” Tilting his head to one side, Aurelius muttered, “I found her earlier, buried under a mass of creepers. She’s a statue.”

Ulrica was ready with a snide retort, but when he turned, fear glazed his golden eyes.

“That thing is made of stone,” he managed weakly. “As in rock.” Continue reading Deuce, Chapter 10: Wave, Wake

Deuce, Chapter 9: Star, Stir

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Star, Stir

Aurelius glanced between Ulrica’s face and the place she’d reserved for him. Surely not. From an early age, Pred were taught to stay on guard, and the list of people Aurelius wanted at his back was short. Only a fool gives away his trust, and it’s twicewise foolhardy to accept trust without an equal measure of suspicion. Yet this girl offered her arms. Continue reading Deuce, Chapter 9: Star, Stir

Deuce, Chapter 8: Food, Shelter

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Food, Shelter

Aurelius stared hard at Ulrica, whose rebellious glare dared him to disbelieve her. Magic. Ghosts. Vanora. He wanted her to make some sense of her insinuations, but that would have to wait. As leader, he needed to prioritize, and legendary mountains weren’t at the top of their list. Continue reading Deuce, Chapter 8: Food, Shelter

Deuce, Chapter 7: Guard, Guide

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Guard, Guide

Running allowed Ulrica to test her muscles, calm her jangled nerves, and reset her priorities. Her new hunting partner had no business grabbing up so much of her focus. When Aurelius had taken the lead with proper custom and confidence, she’d yielded. And Ulrica was convinced there was no shame in her response. Continue reading Deuce, Chapter 7: Guard, Guide

Deuce, Chapter 5: Hoof, Paw

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Hoof, Paw

Aurelius might have complained about Ulrica’s callous disregard for the inconveniences he’d endured for her sake, but he wasn’t a lackwit. Only a fool throws obstacles into his own path. Instead, he checked the sky as he calmly recoiled his rope. “Can you run?”

“Fast and far,” Ulrica snapped. “Try to keep up.” Continue reading Deuce, Chapter 5: Hoof, Paw