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My Hometown. I’ve mentioned before that I’m originally from a small town in Minnesota. My folks still live in the big old farmhouse where I grew up, and I adore revisiting it and them. I’ll be hopping on a northbound plane on Saturday (7/4), and I’ll spend several summer days re-exploring places that are dear to my heart. While I’m away, I’m issuing a special challenge to all Byways readers.

July 2015 Byways Review Drive

I’ve prepared a small stack of hand-stamped and handwritten cards. (I picked a quote from one of the Byways books for the reverse side.) The envelopes feature my brand new Scandia dala horse stamp, and I’ll ask the local post office to hand cancel them. How do you secure one for yourself? Simple. Post a review of one of the Byways books to Amazon. [New reviews only.]

If you take part, let me know in comments which book(s) you chose. After I verify your review, I’ll address an envelope to you and send it along with my thanks. How long do you have to take part? For as long as I’m in Minnesota, so two weeks, give or take. Or for as long as supplies last. These really are limited editions. Capture one for yourself! : )

13 thoughts on “MINNESOTA TRIP: Mini-Challenge

  1. This is really cool! I’ll write a review as soon as i can! (I was planning to do one soon anyway, and this is just double incentive!) I’m one-fourth Scandinavian, and my grandmama will be so pleased when she sees one of those cards!

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  2. I’ve been meaning too give you some amazon reviews (Especially for Galleries of Stone!!) I have went ahead and gave a review to Ewan and his Aboard the Train adventure! :)

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  3. My prize for reviewing books 1-4 arrived today! :) By coincidence (or providence), so did my new smartphone. I’ll take a photo of the prize and send it soon, along with photos of a few other things from around the place.

    I haven’t written a new review yet, but I’m planning to. When does the mini-challenge close?

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      1. Apparently you have more faith in me than I do! :D

        I spent a fair while saying, “I’ll review one of your books Real Soon Now …” before my first (four) reviews were written and posted (all over the place), so I wouldn’t go being sure I’d get one written this time until you actually saw it on Amazon.

        Unless … *looks at her suspiciously* were you PRAYING? I think that counts as cheating. :P ;)


      2. Oops, I aim not to make expressly Christian comments on the family-friendly fantasy site, in case it unnecessarily deters some non-Christian reader.

        I’d claim it was your fault, Christa/CJ, for responding to me in your Christian-author morph, but I mentioned providence further up, too. :)

        *waves* Hi, non-Christian readers! Please don’t be alarmed. You can find Christian-based fantasy over at christakinde.com if you want to, but this stuff here isn’t that. It’s just good in the other sense. ;)


  4. I just posted a review of Book 2: Aboard the Train on Amazon! My Grandmama will be so thrilled when I show her the postcard!


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