HARROW: Milestone & Giveaway


Today is the first anniversary of the publication of Harrow. In other words, the second book in the Galleries of Stone trilogy is celebrating its “book birthday.” To mark the milestone, I’m giving readers the opportunity to win fabulous prizes—in the form of some very pretty, limited edition postcards. The prize drawing will take place on Monday, April 20, giving you plenty of time to take part. How? I’m glad you asked! There are several ways to drop your name in the proverbial hat:

Support CJ

For each of those seven things, you’ll gain a chance at winning a prize. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Tell me which of the above items you’ve done in a comment below. That’ll help me keep track of everyone’s enthusiasm. The drawing will take place on Monday, April 20. Ten winners will receive a limited edition postcard featuring Hannah Christenson’s amazing cover art from the books in the Galleries of Stone trilogy.

Haggle Up

Want to improve your chances? Reviews are the best kind of support you can give an author, so I’ll offer some incentive. If you’ll take the time to review Meadowsweet, Harrow, and/or Rakefang on Amazon [and other venues], I’ll send along the matching illustrated postcard. Please give your honest opinion, with potential new readers in mind. There are so many books available; why is this series worth their time? Bonus! Because this is Book 2’s big day, if you post a review of Harrow, I’ll add the postcard featuring the cover art of Deuce.

Drawing: Monday, April 20, 2015

Galleries of Stone Trilogy

More information about the trilogy >>

Thank you for helping me celebrate! ~CJ

42 thoughts on “HARROW: Milestone & Giveaway

  1. Favorite character? SO hard to pick just one! Hmm … I’ll have to go with Aurelius, though it is awfully hard to choose out of him, Ulrica, and Graven :-).
    I’m working on getting some reviews posted in various places, I’ll comment and tell you when I’m done! ~Savannah

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  2. Followed on Amazon, and added the Galleries of Stone boards on Pinterest.

    Aurelius is my favorite character, and Aurelius and Ulrica are an OTP so Deuce is like catnip in written form. Tupper is pretty cool too, since without him there wouldn’t be a story. :)


  3. I like Freydolf best. The unselfconscious love between him and Tupper often brings tears to my eyes. I like it that they need each other’s care.

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    1. Favourite character is there ^ and I’ve now Followed you on Amazon.

      Everything else in the ‘Support CJ’ list I’d done already. So that’s five Already Haves, if they count.

      Reviews, um… Real Soon Now?


      1. I think it’ll be fun … though I have to admit, I have no idea what some of the characters will say. If they say much at all. (Tupper isn’t exactly verbose.) Or if they’ll ever stop. (Aurelius is sure to wax polysyllabic.)


  4. I don’t know how I could pick just one favorite character! Some of them are Graven, Tupper, Freydolf, and Aurelius! :-) ~Sky


  5. My favorites are Tupper and Chelle. I want to grow up to be like them. Whether in hardship or plenty they serve with all their hearts. Life isn’t easy for them but it is good. I tell myself often to do my best and be brave. I think that sums up the whole idea of who they are.

    Followed on Amazon, all your books are on my Good Reads shelf, liked on Facebook, I’ve been subscribed to the newsletter, followed on Pintrest, and posted reviews on the entire Galleries of Stone series on Amazon and Good Reads.


  6. Aurelius is absolutely my favorite, but I’m fairly attached to the whole main cast. They all have their endearing quirks, so it’s pretty much impossible to really dislike anyone!


  7. My reviews are finally finished! Here are the places I posted them on …
    RAKEFANG: Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble
    HARROW: Goodreads, Barnes and Noble
    MEADOWSWEET: Goodreads
    Most of my reviews will have my name in the title or in the review itself, but the ones on Goodreads are signed with RJP.
    That was a longer comment than expected :-). ~Savannah


  8. I followed C.J. on amazon and I’m already on the newsletter and following C.J on Pinterest I also left reviews for each of the Galleries of Stone books on amazon.

    It’s so hard to pick a favorite character from this series, I love them all! If I were to name one, it would be hard not to say Aurelius, he’s just awesome!


  9. I’ve followed your author page on amazon and I’ve posted a review of Harrow. Choosing a favorite character is hard. When I first thought about it, Aurelius immediately popped into my mind, but then I remembered Ulrica and Tupper and Freydolf and Aggie and Torio and Brand and Haimish and Dulcie… and the list goes on. But finally I narrowed it down to my first choice–Aurelius is impressive and my definitely favorite, even though every new vote in his favor is going to deepen the well of his ego… ;)


  10. follow Pinterest
    subscribed to newsletter
    Meadowsweet reviewed on Amazon, and Goodreads
    follow goodreads
    follow amazon author page
    I have no idea how long it has taken me, but I finally have to say Tupper is my favorite character. :) I just love all of them, and how they are perfect together.


  11. I’ve done all but the pinning, I even posted on all the stories. My favorite character is Carden. I love how he just turn out to be a father figure to Tupper, Aggie, and Farley. I’m pretty sure I’ve fallen for him even though has a wife. Lol.


  12. Been signed up for your newsletter foreeeever, but I just followed you on Twitter, also! Looking forward to seeing you on my timeline. As for favorite character….. Well, all of them, but especially Brand. :)


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