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A Serialized Story. On Friday, January 9, I’ll be posting the first installment in a new story set in the Galleries of Stone universe. This prequel offers insight into Harrow history, beginning with the day Aurelius Harrow and Ulrica Rakefang met. As a New Year’s Eve treat, I’m unveiling Deuce‘s book cover, which features the art of Hannah Christenson.

Galleries of Stone_Deuce by C. J. Milbrandt

Story Summary: A single misstep during a test of skill could have cost Ulrica Rakefang all her highborn pride. Instead, it lands her at the mercy of a boy who’s savvy enough to turn events to his advantage. But Aurelius Harrow’s ambitions fall prey to Ulrica’s vicious wit and girlish whims. Playful rivalry gives way to an exhilarating alliance. Formal hunts. Lavish dances. Rebellious affection. The audacious merchant’s son gladly courts danger in order to keep his childhood promise … and claim his prize.
Rating. My stories are family-friendly. Deuce is suitable for tween/teen readers [PG].
Updates. Fridays, beginning Friday, January 9, 2015.

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